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Bruno fernades stats

Bruno Fernandes's stats are sure to interest any an avid football fan. He currently plays with Manchester United and Portugal's national team. Fernandes is well-known for his goals, his playmaking skills and leadership abilities as well as his willingness to take penalties and put in the work. But what are his numbers? Find out more information in this article. The following are the most well-known. You can read on to learn how many goals he scored, as well as how many penalty he took.

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The Portuguese international is now one of the most thrilling players of the Premier League. The Portuguese international who was previously part of the winning team in the Champions League, has joined Manchester United. Fernandes was the most sought-after signing this summer. His performance has exceeded expectations. Since his move to Manchester United from Sporting CP in February 2020, he's been a key player. He's the second highest-paid player in the game because of his incredible numbers.

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Fernandes His prolific career spans more than two seasons and there are plenty of remarkable statistics to support it. He's the Premier League's first player to ever score five goals and five assists. He was also the first player in history to receive four Player of the Month awards within one calendar year. He has also won more Premier League Player-of-the Month awards than any other player. He will be missed by the Premier League next season.

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Manchester United doesn't have all the positive news regarding Fernandes. Recent news of injuries from Manchester United has not been helpful. They've only scored two goals in eight matches. Fernandes however, was able to score eight goals against Manchester United. His team took advantage of two goals over Aston Villa when he scored eight goals. Philippe Coutinho scored the goal that tied the game at 3-3.


Despite his injury-prone nature, Fernandes' injury history isn't a cause for concern. The midfielder has impressed in his time with the Red Devils in recent weeks, and his latest game against Arsenal is proof of that. His goal-scoring statistics aren't bad even despite his poor performance against the Londoners. The same Premier League game, he has scored five assists, as well as two assists.

Fernandes is the only English player to ever be a part of six consecutive Champions League games. Fernandes also provided Atalanta the chance to win in 2021. He's third in Premier League goal involvement, ahead of only Harry Kane (and Mohamed Salah). Manchester United signed him as an January signing. The United team sees the Brazilian as a potential player. Since the beginning, the club has been following his development.

Bruno Fernandes in the Premier League has been a mixed year in the Premier League. Although his individual performances have been outstanding, his team's results were inconsistent. With only 22 points from 25 games, Fernandes trails Jadon Sancho by six points. Fernandes's poor form is not surprising, however.

Fernandes has been part of eight goals and four assists during Friendlies. Fernandes has assisted on nine goals, with one in the Premier League. His recent successes have led him up the creativity charts at both European and national levels. He's scored 37 times during the Premier League. 16 in the Champions League. These impressive figures show that he is among of the best players in the league.

Atletico Madrid will make the Brazilian internationals their debut in the league on May 13, 2013. He's scored 3 goals and 4 assists in 10 matches. His career stats also are impressive, with 4 penalty misses (and 47 goals). This is an incredible record for the player on the wing. FootballCritic offers more details on his life and career. To see the best player, you can search for matches, periods and leagues.

Fernandes was born in Maia in Porto. After starting his career at Novara's Serie B team Novara and then signing with Sampdoria. The first time he scored a goal was in the final leg against Cagliari. He was able replace injured Pizzi in two World Cup qualifying fixtures during the 2015-16 season. However, he was not able to get to the finals.